Peat in July : anCnoc’s Limited Edition Peaty Collection

anCnoc Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has just released its new Limited Edition Peaty Collection in the US. The collection pays homage to their peaty origins–like most distilleries, Knockdhu Distillery opened its doors back in October 1894 and used peat as its primary source of fuel. These days, the Knockdhu Distillery produces anCnoc’s current whiskies in an unpeated style. These three Limited Edition bottles  are meant to express a bolder, smokier aspect of their classic Highland single malts.

The first two expressions to be released are Rutter and Flaughter—named after traditional peat-cutting tools. They’ve been laid down in bourbon barrels and in the case of Flaughter, I felt as though I were nosing a bourbon.

Here’s what we know: 

 anCnoc Rutter is named for the spade used in sizing and separating peat blocks.

  • Peated to a PPM of 11

  • Described as ” initially very smoky, and then quickly unveils the unmistakable anCnoc character, giving way to delicate spices, juicy pineapple and gentle vanilla”.

Laura’s  impression:

 The nose has lemon, black peppers, forest floor, vanilla, and just a peek of medicinal scent coming through. On the palate, it tastes sweet like candied violets with a viscous mouthfeel. This turns into a bite of black pepper, menthol, spearmint and a whisper of peat. The finish is round and creamy. It’s quite mellow and delicate in flavor.


anCnoc Flaughter (pronounced FLAH-ter) is named for the spade used to remove the top layer of peat.

  • Peated to a PPM of 14.8

  • Described as having a heftier, ashier flavor that gives way to warm vanilla notes with a hint of sticky toffee that provides a balanced sweetness.

Laura’s  impression:

The nose is sweet, like caramel, biscuit, and lemon custard with a bit of granite or tarmac thrown in. On the palate it’s lighter bodied than Rutter. I taste saline, granite, oyster shells–it’s more mineral driven. The tarmac and phenols start kicking in mid-way and it finishes with coating allspice and nutmeg.

Overall, both of these whiskies express peat in a shy delicate manner. These are definite sippers to be savored slowly or else you may miss out on the delicate nuances.

Where can you find them?

anCnoc Rutter and anCnoc Flaughter were released in June, at a suggested retail price of $85. For more information, visit

  • Jim


    Love me some peat, can’t wait to try these.

    • Laura Lindsay

      Me too! These are not super peaty at all–balanced peaty whiskies if you will. At $85/pop, I hope you’re able to try them out at your bar first.

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