Get High & Drink Pisco! The Edwin-Win Situation

I’m not usually the type that shamelessly self promotes(read:here it comes). However, when it involves winning trips to exotic locales, I’ll make the exception! This year Macchu Pisco in association with the Peruvian government, is hosting a competition to celebrate their 10 year anniversary! The “Become Shaman” competition will put 10 bartenders from the U. S. head to head in an iron chef style competition in Lima, Peru to win a journey into the Peruvian jungle for a “spiritual journey” with a shaman(Editor’s Note: Sounds like “get high and drink Pisco” competition to me).

This competition is highlighting the La Diablada Pisco, which is a beautiful blend of Quebranta, Moscatel, Torontel & Italia grapes, copper pot distilled, rested for two years and vintage dated. It delivers beautiful notes of tropical melons, stone fruit and light undertones of baking spices & a vegetal herbiness.

With the selection of the finalists closely approaching I thought it appropriate to share my recipe & its inspiration. I named my cocktail “The Edwin-Win Situation”, highlighting my intention to be a finalist & win!

My infatuation for tiki made me take the cocktail in a refined tropical direction. I sourced authentic Peruvian ingredients that would match & enhance the flavor profile of the La Diablada. Of course, the garnish was also very important. There’s nothing like the visual appeal of a beautiful cocktail.

The Edwin-Win Situation

2 oz. La Diablada Pisco

.75 oz. Banana Passionfruit Tumbo Puree

1 oz. Emoliente Syrup

4 drops Manzano Chile Tincture

.75 oz. Lemon Juice

.25 oz. Orange Juice

Chuncho Bitters – Float on top

Garnish: Mint Spring, Lemon Fan, Cherry, Cinnamon Stick & Star Anise.

The tart velvet mouthfeel of the Tumbo works extremely well with the malt and herbs of the emoliente syrup. For those not familiar with emoliente, it’s a classic Peruvian tea made from various dried herbs and grains including, barley, flax seeds, clove, horsetail & boldo. The final layer of flavor comes from the chile tincture which lends to a memorable finish with a tiny hint of spice that works well to prepare your palate for a second sip.


If you’re in LA, drop by The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and I’ll be happy to make one for you. Wish me luck! I hope to report from Peru soon.



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