Haus Alpenz Tasting @ Red Medicine, Beverly Hills

Back in June, Eric Seed from Haus Alpenz came out to taste the good people of Los Angeles on a bunch of deliciousness from his portfolio. I always jump at the opportunity to taste Haus Alpenz products because they are exciting and unique.

Dean Berger and Tyler Sandoval from Pacific Edge did a great job setting up the event at Red Medicine.

We tasted the following:

1) Salers Gentiane Aperitif, neat and then over ice with a squeeze of lemon. According to Seed, Salers is the oldest gentiane liqueur. It was dry and refreshing with ice and lemon. Try it at Providence in Zahra’s La Vie en Rose cocktail: a dash of orange bitters, Salers, housemade rhubarb liqueur, and Prosecco.

2) Bonal Gentiane-Quina was next, a delicious aperitif wine made from gentian, quinine, and herbs in a mistelle base. He recommended we try it on the rocks with lemon. Tyler Sandoval grabbed some Old Bardstown from his stash and we all hastily added it to our Bonal mixture. Whiskey and Bonal are definitely friendly together.

3) Byrrh Grand Quinquina was a newcomer on the block. Dark red in color, it’s a bit more fruity and spicy than Bonal. It’s made by mixing quinquina bark and botanicals in a mistelle and wine base.

 4) Rabarbaro Zucca Amaro ia a rhubarb liqueur created in Italy in 1845. Eric made a point that this is not the same type of rhubarb as we enjoy in the US–it’s more smoky and earthy. He recommended it with crushed ice and tonic or soda in a 2:1 or 1:1 ratio. I greatly enjoyed it over ice with Fever Tree tonic. Word is that it’s also a good digestif with espresso.

5)Kronan Swedish Punsch is made with sugar cane spirits from the East and West Indies, sugar, water, and spices, but no citrus as this would affect the stability of the product. It’s not as fresh and alive as the taste of homemade Swedish Punsch as outlined in Wondrich’s Punch, but it was rather tasty with a squeeze of lime and 2 cubes of ice.

6) Royal Dock Navy Strength Gin was one of my favorites. At 57% ABV, it’s very bright with great citrus acidity and black pepper notes. I can’t wait to try a gimlet with this gin.

Tyler pours the good stuff.

7) Going a bit out of order, we ventured back into gentler territory with Cocchi Barolo Chinato. Quite simply, it’s barolo wine infused with quinine bark, rhubarb, ginger, and other spices. I’ve been using it in aromatic cocktails such as Manhattans with good results, or you could also sip it neat or on the rocks.

Barolo Chinato and chocolate.

8) Last but not least, we saved our palates for Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur of the Alps, my après ski bevvie of choice. Ok, I haven’t been skiing since before I was legal, but next time I go, this is coming with me. It has a natural rose color that comes from the young purple pine cones that are macerated in wine before being filtered and sweetened. The taste was dry, sappy and green.

A few of the Haus Alpenz products that we tasted. Eric Seed always has a wealth of information to share about his portfolio. I’m very happy he was able to educate us on new products and look forward to the next Haus Alpenz tasting!



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