Los Javis Mezcal Tasting at Tlapazola

Another weekend, another tasting of great Mezcal at Tlapazola! Join me tonight, Friday, June 29 from 7 pm, till whenever I run out of Mezcal (not likely) so 10 pm. We will be serving complimentary shots of Los Javis Mezcal.

Los Javis is a 100% Espadin agave Mezcal from a town called Matatlan, a.k.a. the “world capital of Mezcal.” I’m a big fan of the Silver, with it’s very grassy nose and hints of green peppers, leather and mesquite wood on the palate.  The Reposado is also great with a much softer, silky mouthfeel and smoked vanilla notes.

If those descriptions weren’t enticing enough, I’ll also be shaking up some specialty drinks. These will include a refreshing lemongrass infused Javis Silver cocktail with cucumber water and an aromatic Javis Repo cocktail with a coffee syrup courtesy of Laura! YUM!

So, don’t be shy, drop on by,  grab a drink & stay for a while!

Give it up for the Jimador, without him, we wouldn’t be drinking Mezcal!

  • Ron Cooper


    They are not called Jimador in Oaxaca

    • Edwin Cruz

      Thanks for clearing that up Ron! I wasn’t aware they were called something else in Oaxaca. How should I refer to them?

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